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Ways to Save on Car Insurance Discounts

We Americans spend lots of money each year on our cars. If you are looking to save some of that money and keep it in your pocket, insurance discounts are the way to go. There is no need to pay for insurance coverage...

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Speeding Tickets – Almost Everyone Has Gotten Them!

Laws are made to keep us safe. Let me start with that observation.  With that being said, most of us have been issued a traffic citation at one point in our driving career. If we have been driving for very...

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Sing Out Loud in Your Car!

Your vocal abilities in your car might be something everyone knows about you, or, it just might be your little driving secret. There are those who feel comfortable turning up the volume in their car to have a...

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5 Interesting Car Facts

Are you a car fact junkie? Do you delight in learning as much as you can about your favorite car make and model? Does new information about the car industry make you smile? Learning interesting car facts is always...

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What is Your Favorite Classic Car?

Have you noticed all the classic car clubs lately? There is virtually a club for each and every make of classic car. Is there a specific car from the past that makes you take a double look? Is it its design,...

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Where Does the Road Take You?

Oh, the places you have gone! Are you a lover of road trips? Do you pack up a few bags and map out a destination or just drive somewhere random for a daily adventure? Either way, I would love to hear about the places...

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