Gas – Does It Really Matter? in Paris, Kentucky

Gas – Does It Really Matter?

Brian Olson's Blog | Gas – Does It Really Matter?

Gasoline is rated by types. When you see the word "premium" you might automatically think it means that particular gasoline is the best. But is it?

First, premium gas is a type of gasoline and not just a form of marketing. Your vehicle might actually need it. You need to check your owner’s manual to see what gas is best suited for your vehicle. Premium gasoline comes with a high-octane level—92 or 93 compared to 87 for regular gas. You may also see a mid-grade gas with an octane of 89, which is less commonly used than 87 and 93.

With that said, should you use premium gas for your vehicle?

On average, most vehicles do not need premium gas for their vehicle despite the upscale name. Along with higher octane levels, premium gas comes at a higher price. In fact, premium gas costs 15-30 cents per gallon more than regular gas. Therefore, unless your owner’s manual specifically states that your vehicle needs premium gas, then you are simply wasting money.

So, the next time you are at the gas station, choose regular gasoline and save money at the pumps!

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